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App and Data Management Platform


App and Data Management

PlatformEventFalcon delivers an app and data management platform that includes key features:

  • Fixed and Mobile full event tracking systems

    • GPS or low frequency radio

    • Use of cell phone or tracking device

    • Asset tracking

    • Counters

  • Back-office and action control centre platforms

  • Full recording of tracking, actions, escalations

  • Role specific access and capability (segregation of functions)

  • Reporting

    • Advanced data visualisation graphics

    • Map or list type (excel) reporting

    • Alert and SOS status

    • Compliance monitoring

  • Customisable per event

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

EventFalcon provides a mobile application for onsite event teams to have access to the following:

  • A simple-to-use app for staff and volunteers in the field 

    • User friendly application

    • Easily visible outdoors

    • Customisable application

Event Compliance 

Event Compliance

The events industry is governed globally through regulation and standards that protect the reputation of event hosts. These regulations and standards span wide areas of responsibility including anti-terrorism and security, environmental health and safety, data security, data protection as well as other public or corporate risk management requirements. The data management (recording, processing, management and analysis) systems required to meet the needs of these requirements is wide-ranging, complex and continuously changing. The EventFalcon technology delivers:

  • Life cycle management of staff and vehicle security permit / pass.

  • Asset management permit and capability tracking.

  • Staff training requirements tracking and management.

  • Event compliance workflow management.

  • Data security (ISO 27000)

  • Data protection (GDPR)

  • Integration to complementary systems

  • Real-time data analytics and alarm action management

  • Police and public service integration

  • Online and offline capacity

  • Scalable solution (50 staff to 50,000 staff)


Real time event operations monitoring 

and compliance management

Brought to you by the team that has worked with Glastonbury, Tour de France, Final Four, Formula 1, Coachella, San Francisco Pride, London Olympics and many other large corporations.

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