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John Stanley
John is formerly CEO and CIO of Globetech and an experienced technologist who worked with Apple and Motorola. John is experienced in building IOT enabled data systems for a number of industries over a 30 year period including ActiveConnex, an IOT enabled event management system used in the Superbowl, Olympics Glastonbury and many other events with mission critical purpose. As an experienced technologist, John is an early adopter and researcher of technologies that optimise data management such as Gurobi and using algorithm development partners such as the Smiths Institute to develop trusted data algorithms.
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Dr. Jim Costello
Commercial Partner
John's commercial partner in this business is Dr. Jim Costello. Jim is a veteran of the IT sector with global experience in service management. He is a PhD graduate in data governance and is passionate about the concept of trusted data to drive actionable results.
Design and Development 
EventFalcon is supported by senior design engineers and a software development team experienced in SaaS tool development including industry apps, database management and data analytics.
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