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Irish-Developed Solution to Aid Social Distancing When Shopping

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Our compelling Irish-developed solution aids social distancing when shopping. It consists of

a simple sensor in each shop that does a rough count of the shoppers present by detecting how many phones are nearby. Customers can check if the store is busy right before they travel. 

A historic view shows busy times over the previous few days. This works best where stores in the same locality are involved – it gives shoppers a real-time local view of when and where is best to shop.

It benefits store owners, too, as it helps ensure adherence to social distancing by encouraging a more even flow of customers.

We’re happy to work with any store or locality as part of our COVID-19 support. Please contact either of us directly if interested.

Brought to you by John Stanley of EventFalcon and Jamie Gale of SwiftFox - John Stanley #COVID #EventFalcon #covid19 #socialdistancing #covid19shopping


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