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Working from Home During COVID-19? Use uBlock Origin to Protect Your Data

uBlock Origin is a free browser extension for content-filtering.

In line with EventFalcon’s focus on security and privacy, let me share one excellent browser add-on extension that I like a lot – uBlock Origin. It’s an odd name, but is nice and simple.  It checks every webpage you go to and blocks ads, but much more importantly, for me has prevented at least 3 occasions where I had clicked on a link on an email that I thought was ok, and it wasn’t. uBlock Origin saved me each time. 

Add uBlock Origin as an extension for most modern browsers, apart from Safari – sadly not allowed by Apple.

This is the only browser extension that I recommend to family and friends, and is compulsory for everyone at EventFalcon.

If you do use it, ensure you select uBlock Origin and not uBlock. uBlock Origin is free and open-source. There’s a great review at and plenty of other positive reviews on the net.

- John Stanley

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